JayLyn Jewellers offers a full complement of in-house services to keep your valuables in tip-top shape! All repairs and appraisals are done on-site, and with our 20+ year reputation of outstanding work, you know your jewellery is in great hands.

Service prices will vary according to your specific items, complexity, and current gold prices. Please bring your items in to our shop any time for a quote.

Repair services

  • Ring sizing
  • Rebuild/replace shank
  • Claw repair
  • Pearl re-stringing
  • Chain repair
  • Clasp/jump-ring replacement
  • Soldering
  • Ring re-rounding
  • Stone resetting
  • Stone recutting


Appraisal services

  • Insurance appraisals
  • Insurance claims
  • Stone identification
  • Stone valuations
  • Gold valuations (see gold-buying)


Maintenance Services

  • Quick clean (free)
  • Full polish
  • Full refurbish
  • Stone polishing
  • Stone tightening
  • Claw retipping
  • Rhodium plating


Custom Design Services

  • Full custom design from CAD or hand-carved waxes
  • Custom stone remounts
  • Jewellery redesign
  • Custom-fit wedding bands

For more details visit our Custom-Design page


Other Services

  • Arhtritic knuckle solutions (guards, humps and adjustable shanks)
  • Engraving
  • Earring conversion (clip-on > post and vice-versa)