1. Gathering your items

We buy anything solid gold, silver or platinum. Some good items to include: broken or unwanted jewellery, dental gold, coins, bullion, gold nuggets, silverware and more! Don't worry too much about pre-sorting your items, just gather up anything you think might be worth something and our staff will do the rest!

2. Bringing them in

Stop by JayLyn Jewellers any time during store hours (mon-sat: 10am-5pm). No appointments are necessary: we operate on a first-come first-served basis. Typical transaction time is about 10-15 minutes depending on the amount of items you bring in. We're located at the corner of 2nd St. and Bevan Ave. in Sidney (see map)

3. Sorting and testing

The price that we pay for your metals is based off of the current market values and the karat (or purity) of your items, so it's important that we accurately sort each piece by karat. First you'll see us running a strong magnet over your items. Gold, silver and platinum are all non-magnetic metals and should not "stick" to the magnet. Tip: you can try this at home too!

Next we'll check your pieces for stamps and/or perform a chemical assay to determine the karat of each item. In what's referred to as an "acid test", the most accurate method of determining karat, we rub a small amount of the metal onto a smooth stone. Varying concentrations of acids are then applied to the gold rubbing and karat is determined based on the reaction between the metal and the acid. Note that while the acid test typically leaves your items unmarked, in some cases we may require a more thorough test in which a scratch must be made in an inconspicuous location on your piece. We will not perform this test without your permission first!

4. Weighing

Now that we've sorted through your pieces by karat or metal purity, we're ready to weigh them! All items are weighed using government-certified scales. We do not purchase stones, so weight deductions for large stones may be made at this time. If any stones have sentimental value or you'd like to have to re-set into a new piece in the future, we can usually remove them for you free-of-charge. Otherwise stones will go into the refining process with the rest of the metal.

5. Your quote

Your quote will be based on calculations using the daily top market value for gold, and the weight and karats of your pieces. Unlike many other buyers, we know that many are uncomfortable with the negotiating process, so that's why you'll always get our top price right off the bat. Our quotes are always hassle-free and non-obligatory.


If you're happy with your quote, we pay you on the spot!

*Payment is made via cheque. Municipal bylaws require that the seller present at least one piece of government-issued identification at the time of the transaction- a driver's license works perfect, don't forget yours! Sellers must be over 21 years of age.

Still have questions? Feel free to check out our FAQ's or contact us!