With the skyrocketing value of gold in today's market, cashing in your precious metals has never been more profitable. JayLyn Jewellers pays top prices for any solid

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gold silver or platinum items. This may include: broken, unused or unwanted jewellery; gold bullion and coins; dental gold; gold nuggets; silverware and more!

Simply come by our shop in Sidney any time during store hours with your items. Our gold-buying experts will sort and weight your items, then give you a quote based on the daily top market value if gold. If you're satisfied with your quote, we pay you on the spot! Click here for detailed information on the gold-buying process.

Unable to make it in to our shop in Sidney? No problem! Visit one of our mobile kiosks in malls across Canada, or have us come to you by hosting one of our amazingly popular Home Parties at your own house!



JayLyn Jewellers is one of the most trusted and popular gold-buyers in the Victoria/Sidney area. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. We pay top prices. As a jeweller, our knowledge and experience in the gold market allow us to accurately assess the value of your gold, so you know you're getting top prices.

2. We're trustworthy. Being in operation for over 20 years, we've built an outstanding reputation as a business, so you know you'll be getting the exceptional customer service that our loyal customers have come to expect from us.

3. We're convenient. Running errands in Sidney? At Jaylyn Jewellers no appointments are necessary; all you need to do is stop in with your gold during store hours, we'll assess it and pay you on the spot! 

4. We're comfortable. Many gold-buyers require you to send your gold away in the mail and hope that a cheque is sent back to you within 6-8 weeks. Other gold-buyers pressure you to sell by offering you a low price and then bartering until you accept. At Jaylyn Jewellers everything is honest and upfront; we give you our top price right from the start so you can make this important decision with no pressure.

5. We can do more with your gold! Would you rather have your gold put towards a brand new custom-designed piece? No problem, we can do it all right here!



Seller's Resources:

As with any important choice, we recommend that gold-sellers make informed desicions. That's why we've put together a wealth of gold-selling resources and tips, so that when you do sell, you know you're making the right choice!